Waking up during surgery

I don’t know if this has been discussed before, but I read a horrible article on the Net about this. (sorry, forget the link) Several people they mentioned have filed lawsuits against hospitals. One woman in for gynecological surgery said she woke up and felt every scalpel cut, worst pain in her life, but she couldn’t move, scream, blink, or anything because of the anesthesia.
Many other stories like that one.
Damn, What a nightmare! Ever happened to you?
And, no, this is not a UL, medical documentation exists.

i had surgery done on a scar i have on my right eyelid, and beside the eye. i never woke up, but only because they never put me to sleep.

i could feel every single time that scalpel cut my skin. i could feel the blood running down my face and into my eye. i couldn’t stop shaking, i was so terrified.

just thought i’d share.

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Sure is, and Unka Cece’s seen it.

No personal experience with this, thank the gods…

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Hoping Wally doesn’t read this thread…his surgery is coming up soon!
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Thank you for the thread link Tengu.
Having been “under the knife” 3 times in my life, this freaks me out. Maybe I will read the thread after I anesthetize myself.

This happened to me once. I woke up during the surgery and at first I couldn’t move but I couldn’t feel anything, either, so it wasn’t too bad. Then I could feel everything but I still couldn’t move anything.

I felt the surgeon cutting me. It was most horrible. Fortunately, this went on for only a few minutes before the paralytic began to wear off. I began to squirm and I said “Helllllp.”

The doctor really freaked out and the nurses started racing around the room. Within seconds, they’d doped me back up and I survived the rest of the surgery without incident.

I’m so glad that Totilhate didn’t read this. She had surgery yesterday. Doing very well, even had a smile on her face when I left last night. Must have been that shot they gave her. We all smile after that…

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Well, my story isn’t quite as bad as some of these others. I woke up during a wisdom teeth extraction – the surgery took longer than expected, and the Versed wore off. I couldn’t feel pain, just pressure where the surgeon was trying to yank one of my teeth. I moaned a couple of times, they realized I was waking up, and they put me back out in less than thirty seconds. Still, very scary. I can’t imagine waking up during a major surgery. Yikes!

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