Wal mark uses Rush ( the band ) to promote US workers

Wal Mart has a new ad campaign that showcases goods made in the USA by workers employed in the USA. The background song is “Working Man” by one of my favorite bands, Rush which as anyone knows, are Canadian. :smack: Still, a great song and Rush gets a few bucks in royalties so everyone should be happy, except for the guys at the ad company.

Is this any different from right-wing politicians campaigning using left-wing songs, or Philadelphia cream cheese advertising using “New York, New York”?

Or Chevy using “Like a Rock” or “Born in the USA”? And someone in recent years used “Fortunate Son” as well.

Right up there with having your bride and groom’s first dance to “White Wedding”…


There’s always Alabama’s “Forty Hour Week”
Though Walmart would want it re-titled as “Twenty Eight Hour Week.”

*I get up at seven and I go to work at nine
I got no time for living 'cause I’m working all the time
It seems to me I can live my life a lot better… *

Nope, nothing objectionable there.

It does seem like an odd choice but I guess they’ll focus on the buzz words and ignore the real meaning of the song.

I thought it was mildly humorous goof on the part of the ad company. It probably belonged in MPSIMS but as it had a musical component I put it here.

I wonder if this is something that the guys approved or if it was out of their hands. I would be a bit disappointed if it was the former.

No, they have rights control. But it’s not like they get asked often, you know. And checks are sweet.

What’s funny in a really geeky way is the fact that Wal is the name of the bass company whose products Rush’s Geddy Lee used for a number of years.