Walk/Run with the flow of riding traffic or against it?

I was taught to walk *against *the flow of riding traffic. However, I have been watching for the last two months and I haven’t seen *anyone *else do this on the trail I walk/run on. What were you taught?

Against. It’s hard to see what’s coming at you if you have your back to it.

Definitely walk against traffic.

If you mean on the street, you walk against automotive traffic, ride a bicycle with it.

You mentioned being on a trail. On Multi-Use Paths(MUP) you are the traffic. Everyone going in the same direction stays to the right, moving left to pass, opposing traffic is on the other side on their right.

I was always taught to walk/run/hike against traffic so you see what’s coming at you. I was a part of a team that did the Oxfam Trailwalker (a 100km hike) and the road portions were specifically set up so the hikers would be facing oncoming traffic, and we were told you could be disqualified if you crossed the road unless it was a marked, designating trail crossing.

Biking you have to bike with the traffic because you are a traffic vehicle.

Towards traffic if you are walking/running on a road. However, if there is a sidewalk, or if you are on a pathway, it doesn’t matter. On sidewalks and pathways, as stated, you are the traffic, so stick to the right unless passing.

You mentioned trail, and if it’s a MUP like described here you should always go with the traffic. If you walk opposing traffic it causes all sorts of nastiness. Our trails have signs telling everyone to stay to the right.

Another thing to consider is that the human brain is configured to recognize the human face. Drivers coming from the other direction might recognize that there is a person better if they can see a face rather than the back of a head.

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