WALKING DEAD (show) fans: what dead characters do you most miss?

For me it’s the Greenes–Herschel and Beth. The former’s calm and wisdom (after season 2) was a comfort; he was much less annoying than the other peace-loving characters. The latter was (until her moral corruption in the hospital) also sweet and lovable, and I miss the occasional song.

Anybody else?

I miss Beth, too. Mostly because I lust after Emily Kenney.

Her nude scene in Masters of Sex surprised me, though.

I enjoy her acting and singing, but she is beautiful rather than hot. Michonne inspires lust; Beth is more like a painting. Maybe that’s because she trips my big brother reflex, I dunno.


I cried when he died saving Carol and then I cried some more on his Talking Dead appearance.

Herschel and Tyrese.

Tyrese became an instant and forever favorite when he turned around and it was revealed that he had saved Judith.


Ha, just kidding.

Tyrese - mostly because I think that actor is awesome.