Walking Dead Spoilers; TV and comic

So, tell me about the three guys who showed up and said, “You’ve got some mouth on you.”

That’s Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita.

They initially show up at Herschel’s farm and end up joining the group.

Abraham and Rosita become a couple later on in the series and Abraham becomes Rick’s right hand man. He ends up getting killed during a clash with a rival group later on in the series. After his ex wife, daughter, and son are killed, he was planning to kill himself, until he runs into Eugene and sees that he can help to maybe fix things.

Eugene claims he worked for the government, knows what caused the outbreak, and knows of a safe zone in Alexandria. He didn’t, he doesn’t, but the Alexandria Safe-Zone is a real place.

He ends up obsessed with Rosita, who was with Abraham which caused a lot of friction.

He’s still alive in the books and makes ammunition for the group. Reconciled with Rosita and has redeemed himself quite a bit.


In the 4.10 thread, someone pointed out that in the first episodes, there were many dead bodies lying about that did not reantimate. Was this true in the comic?

I’m greatly relieved the three new characters are good guys. It’s too soon for more bad guys. I’d like to see them having some one-off adventures with their new friends. Boy, do they need new friends.

It should be noted they took liberties with other characters from the comics so even though the names and general look of these three are being used, their actual characterization may differ.

That’s true about how some characters were altered to fit the show, but I think Abraham will be on the good side of things. He’ll finally be the ‘military’ style character the show needs. Plus he’s awesome.

As for the issue with anyone who dies reanimating, I want to say I’m 95% positive that was included at the beginning of the series, but I couldn’t say what issue that started in.

After consideration, while I should be working, I seem to recall that the guy on talking Dead was explaining the deaths in closed up cars, rather than why they did not zombify.

How long does Darryl live or be around in the comics? I thought I read someplace that he isnt in the comics at this point.

He doesn’t exist in the comics (at least as of the latest Trade Paperback). He was created for the show. Merle too.