Walking with hands in pockets: Inefficient?

I was wondering if there had been any “scientific” tax-funded studies done that explore the effects of walking with one’s hands in one’s pockets. Is there any data on caloric burn rates, oxygen intake, heart rate, etc. related to the amount a person swings their arms while walking or jogging?

I always laugh when I see a few “power-walkers” flailing their arms about. Is that a proven method to burn more calories? On the flipside, is walking with your hands in your pockets bad posture?

I would assume that the excersice is beneficial not so much for calorie loss (though there probably is more) but the fact that you are working on that many more muscles when you swing your arms, notably the ones in the arm and chest.

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well i do know if someone’s hands are deep in their pockets it’s easier to push them over and steal their shoes.

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I have to go along with Buckshot on the ridiculous appearance of the arm-flailers. (This from a person who used to jog backwards to cure shin splints!)

I suspect the reason they do it, though, is not so much for the additional exercise as it is for the increased momentum. Getting the whole body into motion helps to maintain the rhythm. Imagine running with your hands in your pockets – in that case you’d probably get more exercise, cuz it is so hard to do.

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As far as I know, it’s a natural habit. The swinging of your arms both keeps you in balance by way of you being on one leg at all times…also, it sweeps (slightly) the air away in front of your body so you have less air resistance. Chee (a happy positive word in Toddian)?

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