Walkway Across the Husdson

I am in the US this month. This weekend we went to the Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival. It was fun.

Just this morning we went to Poughkeepsie where an old railroad bridge has been converted to a walkway 212 feet above the Hudson. The Walkway, this weekend or maybe next may just might be the best place I can imagine to see the autumnal display of leaf colors.

If you are in the area, you ought to try to visit.

It would be a lot more enjoyable without all the poles with signs.

We did not see any signs with poles. A beautiful day. If it rains tomorrow, the trees might go from green to bald in one step.

I’ve seen it but, unfortunately, never had the opportunity to go on it.

If you drive a bit south, there are pedestrian walkways over the GW Bridge. Cool & unique views of NYC.

Yeah, my opinion is that the only tasteful flag in America is one, small, (preferably American) national flag. Anything else, especially those triangular flags that look like they’re advertising a strip mall cell phone vendor, looks tacky.

They must think people need a constant reminder of where they are.