Wall-To-Wall Beethoven

This week BBC Radio Three is devoting every single minute of its broadcasting time to the works of Beethoven. As it web-site says “Every single note of Ludwig van Beethoven in one week” and that is true. From 9am Sunday till midnight Friday their whole output will be devoted, day and night, to the works of one man. In addition, two of the BBC TV channels are also running Beethoven themed programmes , including a three part drama about his life, televised concerts of all his symphonies and a dramatised documentary about the first performance of the third symphony.

The radio programmes are streamed on the net. So, for all you fans of the great composer, this is your chance to hear not only your favourites but some rare works as well. Details here :- Beethoven

how very cool!

Schroeder would be pleased.

how fitting! as i just found out im palying the timpani part to beethoven 2 next year!

I’ve got this streaming now - BBC rocks!

I just wrote my first ASP.NET application. How very motivating.