Wallpaper removal advise please.

I hate the wallpaper in my bathroom. Big peach colored flowers.
So it must come down.

Vinyl wallpaper, with a paper backing, over at least 1 layer of what looks like latex paint, over a skimcoat of plaster, over plasterboard.

  1. I loosen a corner of the wallpaper, and peel it off. The vinyl comes off in nice pieces, but leaves behind a paper layer (I assume that this holds the glue)

  2. I try peeling off the vinyl by slowly inching a wideblade trowel behind it. The vinyl, the paper layer, the latex paint, and some of the plaster skimcoat comes off. If I do this, I’m going to have to reskim coat the entire room.

Any ideas?

Steam the hell out of it. Use a wallpaper removing product (apply liberally). Score it with a wallpaper removing tool. Scrape it off.

Manufactured home?

We had horrible wall paper in our bathroom, much like you described. I have used a steamer before and I was checking this stuff out. Removal was not an option. I was tearing up the sheet rock too badly. Apparently, the wallpaper is put on at the sheet rock factory and it "clings like a fat girl the morning after ".

The wife scuffed it up with sandpaper, primered and put texture right over the top of it. No problems… yet!