WallyM7's Greatest Hits

I plan to do a search for WallyM7’s messages later today…

Aside from “Wally tries cybersex” (ROTFL), what are some of your favorite threads or posts by our late friend.

RIP, Wally

Sorry, this probably belongs in In My Humble Opinion. Do move it there, if necessary.

I just want to thank you for doing this, i will definately be reading them… I just “discovered” all of this today (thanx to the wonderful cybersex thread) qand it just blows my mind how much he must have meant to this board, and how sad it must have been here after he was gone…
Thanx for letting us nubbeez know about what seems to have been a truely great doper… He’ll live on in the mind and hearts of the people who knew him from here for a very long time im sure.

Thank you!

Wally did mean a lot to this board, and it is very sad for those who knew him and loved him.

I know this was started with the best of intentions, but I know a couple of people here who were extrememly close to Wally and seeing his name repeatedly brought up on the boards only causes pain. Please remember that by doing this, you are not only honoring Wally’s memory, but causing pain to those on this board who knew him IRL and loved him by reminding them that he is gone.

BTW, ChiefScott already started a thread about what everyone’s favorite Wally threads were.

Sorry, I certainly didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings, or make them sad.

Let’s just look at the earlier thread.

Well I see that Scribe has starting bumping up the Wally threads even after receiving a very nice request not to do so. Tears will flow tonight.

Yeah, and we need to stop playing John Denver’s music. Too many people are still stinging over his death.
And no more references to the Royal Family. Diana and everything, you know.
Get Kennedy out of Congress, too; brings up too many sad memories of John-John.

I mean, gods, people…I came along VERY shortly before Wally (very unfortunately and sadly) started posting to HPSIMS (Heavenly Pointless…). I can’t believe that folks on here honestly think that Wally would want his incredibly witty, literate posts buried for all eternity.

From the looks of it, “Wally tries cybersex!” was the reason a LOT of the newer folks…myself included…checked out the message boards in the first place. How is it a tribute to his memory to yell at people for resurrecting his threads?

Yes, I understand that seeing his name up causes some people pain, but you have to take that pain and turn it. You miss him. You miss him horribly. Seeing his name up makes you cry…but you should SMILE through the tears. There are people who leave the board…not through death, but in general…and are barely noticed (unless they make a big deal about Leaving Forever You Bastards). Wally was SO literate and SO intelligent that people still get pleasure out of reading his threads.

I never intended for Scribe to stop, I was just pointing out that it will cause pain to others and hopefully that reminded him to be respectful of their feelings when doing what he was doing. I in fact gave him a list of favorite Wally threads (by directing him to the previous thread) to get his list started.

I am not out to control people’s actions, but all too often when on the internet it is too easy to see what’s on the screen as some faceless bit of fun and forget that real people were affected by what happened.

BTW, we stopped playing John Denver music long before he died, so I don’t see that as a problem. And don’t get me started on Ted Kennedy!

OpalCat has a nice lil tribute site to Wally:

(click on hyperlink)


I showed my mom, “Wally tries cybersex,” she thought it was cute. So she took it to work and passed it around and everyone loved it.

Don’t forget to read the gerbil story.

And don’t forget the spiderweb story.

As one of the people to whom Wally was undoubtedly the closest on these boards, I must say that although seeing his threads revived makes me extremely sad because he’s not the one here posting them, I also find it incredibly touching to know that so many others, especially people who never really knew him, have found so much joy in his writing. It is a testament to the man he was, that people still wish to remember him in such a way. Those of us who knew him were all so blessed to have him touch our lives. What a shame it would be if we who were so blessed denied others an opportunity to know him just because he’s gone and we’re hurting from the loss.

By all means, carry on, friends. Wally would be tickled pink (if not even a little amazed) that he is still being thought of in this way. It’s like a revival film festival for one of the long gone great actors of our time. Kindof like a marathon of Jimmy Stewart movies; It’s a Wonderful Life, Harvey, Vertigo, Rear Window, and Mr. Smith Goes To Washington, don’tcha think? Now who would want to put all those great classics away in cold storage never to be seen and enjoyed by anyone again just because the great Mr. Stewart is no longer with us? Not I, that’s for sure! Nor would I wish to see that happen to the Wally classics, either. Now that would be a loss!

I’d like to offer another apology for accidentally hurting Wally’s friends.

Ultress, I am very sorry that I made you sad, and I hope that you would forgive me.

I bumped those posts before I saw the above request…sorry. I honestly hadn’t realized that I might make his friends sad by doing so.

FWIW…I feel sad that I made the mistake. Wally would certainly not want me to hurt those with fond memories of him. I feel mortified…as I would like to think that IRL, I am sensitive to other people’s feelings.

(And I would like to thank BratMan 007 for his diplomacy in correcting me…I do try to have good Internet matters, to be friendly, and not hurt anyone intentionally.)

If I get flamed, I will understand why. But I am very sorry, and I didn’t intend to hurt anyone.

I feel that I owe you an apology scribe. After the initial shock of seeing the threads pop up again, I realize that most of the posters in the thread are correct. Wally would have gotten a kick out of seeing so many people get a laugh out of his posts. Carry on my friend.

Scribe, nobody’s going to flame you for boosting Wally’s threads. I think Wally would be flattered that we all think his old posts are still funny and worthy to be bumped. I’m sure everyone here realizes you weren’t out to hurt anyone, but were simply giving some great threads a bump. My post was simply to remind you that some people may get upset, but the majority seems to enjoy re-reading his posts, so it seems I was wrong in ‘correcting’ you.

Please note that nowhere have I asked you to stop bumping, although on re-reading that post I see that it may be interpreted that way. It’s obvious I think that you bumped these threads out of respect for Wally’s wit to share these with those who may not have seen them before.

I posted that other link thinking that may help your thread (it’s rather common to post a link to a thread in a similarly themed thread). By doing a quote, then a cut and paste, you could’ve used that thread that I linked for you to post links to other Wally threads here. I noticed the gerbil story and the spiderweb thread were mentioned, but no links given. I believe you can find those links in ChiefScott’s thread.

I want to repeat that I don’t think you’ve done anything that you need to apologize for. Wally posted those to entertain us, and he would still want them to entertain us. In retrospect, I can see how my post seemed to ask you to stop, but that was not my intention. If anyone who posted in this thread should apologize, it should be me to you, Scribe, not you to all of us.

Once again, Shayna takes the words right out of my mouth.

Scribe, you meant well and it is seen as such. Wally would indeed be scratching his head in amazement, had he seen these old threads being bumped. And frankly, it would not have happened had he been alive. But this is all we have to remind us… damn straight we’re going to bump them every now and then!

Sure, it’s bittersweet, and it stings to realise his threads are all that remains. But man, I read the Cybersex thread a few days ago for the, oh, 27th time, and it STILL had me laughing out loud - at work :wink:

I miss you, Wally.


No need to apologize for my apology.

(I still think that BratMan 007 is correct in that I should have thought before bumping these…which is a valid point.)

I would point other users to the earlier thread, though. No use in duplicating his work. And the search function should be used too.

(If I seemed skittish, it was the newbie in me coming out. “I’ve morphed into a troll…nooooooo.” :slight_smile: )