Wally's last post?

I think this is his last post, based on a search I just performed, from Flup’s “Consigliere thread (mafia SDMBers ONLY please post)” thread:

Somebody please correct me if this is inaccurate.

Always a jokester…

And my last post to him, which I guess he never read, I told him to stop flaunting his heterosexuality and called him a goat felcher. I’m not sure whether to revel in the irony or weep at the innanity.


revel, Esprix. Always revel in someone’s memory. Especially someone with as many fantastic memories as ole’ Wall.

Besides, we all know calling someone a goat feltcher on this board is a term of endearment. IRL, however, I would advise against it.

That seems to be the consensus, Esprix.

beatle found his first and last posts on the In Memorium: My favorite Wally post/thread thread, and I searched for his last post as well, coming up with the same post as you and beatle.

Damn. It’s hard to accept that he’s dead now, when he was his usual kick-ass self less than three days ago.

Esprix, I am going to disagree with you, though I don’t know what his last post was. According to his profile, he last posted at 06-18-2000 04:09 PM, which is 8 minutes later than the timestamp of the post you reference.

That could be an artifact of the timekeeping, such as it is, at this board.