Walmart's opinion of its customers . . .

Apparently, Walmart doesn’t think much of its customers.

They should know, right?

Walmarts around here have signs that say 15 items or less. The correct word is fewer.

Target has big signs that say menswear- that’s a rash generalization. Not all men swear.

it seems they believe that people who have 3 arms or at least 3 hands shop at walmart.

i would have gone with 2 hands and 1 foot.

I wish they’d have those signs at my local grocery store. Or grow an actual spine and tell people with 40 items to get the fuck out of the express lane.

Um… why is there a Best Buy logo on a sign in the background? At… Walmart? Did they change their name and color scheme?


I would guess - Mall exit


I say the discounts are ours…if you can count!

Because it’s one of the many gift cards you can buy from the rack under that sign.

“That’s right, because 167 is a bigger number than 159. Do you see how that works?”

It should be five smiling faces so you can count the teeth.

Any store with an express lane needs a sign that displays 15 or 20 or 10 or whatever. WalMart is just more upfront about it.

But they don’t enforce their own policy. You can enter any Walmart pay lane, with any number of items (including those with alleged item limits) and you will be served with no questions. Despite all those people behind you getting annoyed that you exceeded the item limit, Walmart will do nothing about it if anyone complains.

Thank you. You’re my new best friend.

Walmarts have a fair percentage of customers who don’t speak English, especially in certain parts of the country.

It’s a sign advertising gift cards.

So the part where it says “15 is this many” would be interpreted as “three high fives” by the non-English speakers? That doesn’t seem helpful.

Ugh. I got stuck behind lady (sic)-who-can’t-count at Wal-mart just the other day. I had five items, she had a cart full. Since I was standing there fuming anyway I started counting as she laid 'em out. When I reached 50 I got disgusted and quit. I did growl a bit at the checker…not too much, heck it wasn’t her fault. Something like “don’t they teach counting in school anymore?”. The checkout person shrugged, said “well, she wanted to buy cigarettes and this is the only counter that sells them”. And, by golly she was right. Stupid Wal-Mart! why do they put tobacco products at only the express lane? Of bloody course people who want smokes are going to use that lane, no matter how many items in their cart. Nobody’s gonna take time to go through another lane, then leave their cart unattended and go back around through the express lane just to buy smokes.

Sounds like bad management to me…

I HATED being put on the express lane at Kmart, because you weren’t allowed to turn people away if they had more than 10 items – even if they had a loaded cartful. And they didn’t have an extra counter, so you had no where to put everything. So it SUCKED. (And somehow, I was always the one who was stuck down there)


I don’t think they think people are stupid. I think they think people are intentionally flouting the rules, and this is a snarky comeback.

Oh, and you don’t need to read English to know what 15 means, so the sign wouldn’t at all help non-English people. It’s the concept of “or less” that they may not get.


At the risk of being whooshed: You do realize, don’t you, that the numeral 15, which is the part that’s being translated into fingers, is the only part that isn’t in English?