WAMU: White Men Get the Last Laugh?

In this race-baiting commercial the hip young black dude makes fun of a group of older white guys.

I especially like this line:

Well, a big hearty FU to WAMU.

Wow. Your scorn seems to have caused Washington Mutual to collapse. Nice going.

Thank you!!! Although I suspect that WAMU’s collapse was more due to their poor lending policies. I imagine those “stodgy old bankers” would not have approved of those policies.

Old stodgy white men get the last laugh! Ha!

Fuckin’ A, brazil84! Lokk what you done! Do me a favor and don’t heap scorn on me or I might just assplode. :wink:

Were those ads “race baiting?” That never occurred to me, and I’m an Old White Guy. Never occurred to me that the WaMu guy was “hip,” either. Seemed mostly nerdy. Visible t-shirt? Ironed work shirt with the cuffs buttoned? A smile on his face? Feh! Complete dweeb!

How many stodgy old bankers aren’t white?

Wait … no … that’s popes in a Volkswagon.

Shit. I give up.

I don’t know . . . I would guess that if you define “stodgy old banker” in a reasonable way, they would be very disproportionately white men.

That spot doesn’t even approach “race-baiting”. It’s anti-elitist, the yang to The Ladder’s ‘better than the great unwashed’ yin.

Well, this stodgy old guy is laughing all the wayto the bank.

I presume it’s not a WaMu bank.

Maybe race WAS a factor in WaMu’s demise!*

It’s a press release. They would WANT it quoted in full.

Stan o’neill, former CEO of Merrill Lynch. Black man. Walked away with 500,000,000 or so. Pretty much started this debacle.

Bringing race into this is a bad idea. It creates the opportunity for counterarguments such as “see what happens when a black man run a financial services co.”

Putting racial issues aside, I would submit that bankers need to be a bit stodgier.

I’m sure some of his best friends are hispanic, though.

WAMU: White Men Get the Last Laugh?

No offense, but that’s the dumbest acronym I’ve seen in a while.

That is positively maddening.

Ah, but the question was specifically about stodgy bankers. Is Stan O’Neill stodgy?

Anyone else see the thread title and wonder what Diane Rehm had to do with White men laughing?

I thought the thread was going to be about 88.5 FM too.

incomprehensible grunts of rage