Wanna attend a video lecture?

M.I.T apparently has a project to post all it’s lectures online. This is amazing really. What does this mean for the future of Universities?


I’ve taken all my grad classes fromNew Mexico Tech online, nine courses so far. There are distinct pros and cons. The most obvious, that you’re not in class, is both a pro and a con. Whilst I am able to watch some classes in my boxers while drinking a beer, I miss the one-on-one interaction. This means I get distracted more easily, and have to force myself to concentrate more. Also, I feel less motivated to get homework done on time. On the other hand, I can also watch my classes at work, which allows me to have a full-time job and go to school at the same time. I’d say that’s the single biggest advantage, for me. I would not have liked to do my undergrad studies this way, though.