Wanna buy a convent?

I was just crusing e-bay and came across this:

Do you think the church would sanction or allow a convent to be bought?

Maybe the nuns who used to live there beat too many children back in the 60’s and got it taken away from them. :wink:

The best line on the page is “Will ship to United States only” - how do you ship a convent?

E-bay can be strange.

Geez. It’s adorable, but it’s HUGE. He sounds a little defensive about the heating bills, and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t wanna have to heat 20,000 square feet through a Manitoba winter. :eek:

Anyway, there’s a disclaimer.

And hey, it’s on some kind of Canadian Register of Historic Places.


I notice it was designated two years after the guy bought it, so I’m thinking that maybe this isn’t a serious “for sale” ad–maybe it’s just a feeler to see what kind of interest is out there.

I can see myself as Basil Fawlty running a hotel there :slight_smile: Who wants to be Cybil? or maybe I can be Manuel, ha ha

Or could it turn out like in The Shining and all the evil nuns would come to haunt us? OTOH, I used to have some pretty good fantasies involving nuns…

Now there’s an idea for a movie: Starts as Fawlty Towers, continues as The Shining, and ends up as a porn flick called “Sisters With no Mercy”

Nuns live in convents? I always thought they were produced in nunneries (a surpise to me, nunneries didn’t come up when I ran a spell checker).

sailor Not a bad thought, you should post on e-bay under the “MISC/INTELECTUAL PROPERTY/BUY MY MOVIE IDEA” section, I’d go see it.
shrugs Just a thought.

I shall have nun of this lest it become a habit.

$97K might sound like a good price, but it isn’t when you realize that the nuns are not included.

Nothing says you have to heat all four stories. If you closed off two you’d still have 10,000 sq ft. Also, it might be possible to reduce that by a newer furnace system, etc. I think the building is gorgeous.