Wanna hire a hitman?

Go here!


And congratulations to the site for using the .us domain.

It got blocked due to violence and or profanity. Now my manager will notified. ( Thats who the hitman was for ) Guess I’ll have to do it myself . Oh well, If you want something done right… :smiley:

Wow, they certainly keep that site fully in character. Not once do they let on that it’s a joke.

Errr, it is a joke, right? I mean, those messages that I sent them telling them that they’re a bunch of worthless pansies who couldn’t kill a roach in a Raid factory will be taken with the humor that it was meant, won’t it?

Won’t it?

I love it!

That is really well done.

I like that if you refuse to pay, they carry out a second hit, free of charge.

My favorite part was the disclaimer, “HITMAN is a cruelty-free organization. None of our services have been tested on animals.”

I’m at a bit of a loose end right now so I’ve sent in my application to join the team.

I find it ironic that I’ve had to enhance my criminal record on this form. Normally I have to suppress it. I hope these lies don’t come back and bite me in the arse. I guess if they do I’ll probably be the subject of one of those free hits they keep banging on about.

The terms of employment are a little vague. Did anyone notice that there is no mention of salary, working hours, career progression, pension scheme, company car, expense account, holiday entitlement, share options, a creche for your kids while you are working, and so on? I would also have thought that as an employee one would be entitled to a free hit now and again but there is no mention of any of this.

Anyway, I’ve got to go now and torture a few people. Reviewing my experience against their requirements, this is the area I’ve got to work on the hardest.

Great. Now the FBI and NSA will be tracking us for years because we visited the HITMAN site! Have you noticed the remarkably non-existent sense of humor among federal security agencies?

Thank you, President Bush, for making the world a safer place one smart bimb at a time.