Wanna See My Puppy ?

Well , he’s not mine YET , I will be getting him July 30 if all goes as planned . But here is a link to his individual picture :


And one to the kennel’s site :


He is a Gordon Setter , and his name will be Stonemist Nick Of Time , or Nick . I am unbelievably excited !


Really cute! Will he be a big dog?

Yeah , he will be pretty good sized , a male Gordie will be about 28-29" tall at the shoulder , about 80 lbs. They are the heaviest of the Setter breeds . But also tend to be the mellowest , most laid back .


He’s beautiful!! Congratulations…

Thank you Sequent . He will be one much loved , spoined rotten little boy ! :stuck_out_tongue:

SPOILED . Spoiled rotten . Sheesh . :smack:

Aw, he’s so sweet! Congratulations, PapSett! Getting a pet, no matter how many you’ve had, is one of the coolest things in the world.

Gorgeous pup, fabulous pedigree, congratulations! Do you show?

Precious angel! I love puppy pictures.

And I was wondering the same thing as kaiwik – do you show?

I have a dog with a good pedigree, but I don’t show.

Thanks guys ! :smiley:

I don’t show myself , I have arthritis pretty badly , but one of my best friends is a professional handler ,and she shows my dogs for free for me . I do obedience training and showing , tho … don’t have to run quite so much , and no kneeling-standing-kneeling-standing . This pedigree is a dream come true for me , so many of the old-time lines in there that were almost lost … this makes the name Nick of Time so appropriate . In fact , the daddy of my last male who died 2 years ago , is in there 3 times ! His pedigree also meshes very well with my female , Kharma , so if all goes well , in a couple years when they are both champions , there may be little Gordies in their futures . I have big dreams …

PapSett I wish you the very best! My breed is the Pomeranian. I am in a wheelchair most of the time, but I have made friend with a couple of women who are helping me get my dogs in the (conformation) ring. Having my own bred by Ch. even if I can’t handle, is my fondest dream!

The very best of luck with your Gordon’s, please keep us updated!

Archergal , what kind of dog do you have ? I love all kinds of dogs !

Kaiwik , Poms are SO flippin’ cute ! My parents had (very pet quality) Poms for years , so I have a soft spot for the little fuzzies . I also have 2 Papillons , not show dogs , just m’babies .

Not sure if this will work … I will try to post a pic of Kharma , when she was 7 months old , taken the day she took her first point at her very first show . (I am a very proud mama :smiley: ) I think you can see from her expression , she thinks she is quite hot shit .

You know what, I was going to ask if the “pap” in your nick stood for Papillon!

Your Kharma is indeed hot shit! She is stunning, I truly hope that Nick holds together and you are able to finish him.

Okay, if you would like, try this link:

I just started it last night, so there are only a few photos, but you can get a look at some of my fluff butts. Gunther is pointed, but he injured his leg and it threw off his gait. He is going to be a major player in my breeding program. I lost Delia last November, Fizzel is one of her pups. Tara is Satine’s dam. Niki is the sire to both, but I don’t have his photo up yet.

As crippled up as I have become, I don’t know what I would do without my pommies. They are so much more than pets!

This is cool, I finally found some dog people here!!!

What a handsome boy. I love his serious expression in the second photo, first link. Reminds me of Fluffy. :smiley:

Oh , Kaiwik ! You have most definitely found a dog person here ! Since my father’s passing in May , my dogs are literally the only family I have . They are my lifeline .

Your Pommies are just lovely ! I especially love Tara’s little face , her sparkly little eyes in that black face … Adorable ! eMail me if you wanna talk dog !

And Fluffy ! OMG … what can I say about that little darling ! I can hardly believe that ‘destroyer of the world’ bit . Nope , I refuse to believe that little angel could destroy anything .

Thanks for sharing the photos … I love lookin’ at dogs !


Enjoy the new conformation pup. :slight_smile: Hope you will share your show successes with us!

I like the registered name! Hopefully you’ll have a fun time with him once he gets home… and you’ll soon remember how puppyhood, though fun, is a royal pain in the ass :wink:

Elly (and the 4 dogs, including 10 month old Pirate)

My dogs are Australian Shepherds or Aussie mixes. Jasper is my youngest. He wasn’t flashy enough for his breeder, so I got him. It’s a joy to watch him move. He’s my handsome boy!

My other dogs are rescues, and are older, but not less loved for that. :slight_smile:

Archergal , your puppies are beautiful ! And I know what you mean about it not mattering where your dogs came from or how old , what they look like, etc. I love all my dogs equally . My oldest girl , Fancy , is going on 11 and she has not aged gracefully … she is a fat old girl that I have to keep shared for her own comfort , is almost merled with grey from vitalago , and is covered with benign lumps . Yeah , she looks pretty bad , but I love her beyond belief !

Elenfair , it has not been all that long since I went thru the puppy terrors , my Kharma just turned a year old in March . I love watching them grow up and mature … and of course there is nothin’ like puppy breath !

SHAVED . I keep her SHAVED for her own comfort . Sheesh . I am getting bad at that .