Wanna see my puppy?

May I recommend Hulk? Titan? Goliath? That be some beeg puppeh! :slight_smile:

I don’t know what you are thinking. That’s totally a Bandit! And totally adorable to boot!


Monster was a name early in the running. As was Godzilla, but we didn’t want the shortened God or Zilla.

One of his brothers is half again as big as he is. His colors are blue and he was a big old brute walking all over his brothers and sisters.

The cutie you guys are looking at was the only one that came over when called!

He’s totally a Bandit. Does he yip like Bandit?

For the hoity toity puplet, I give you…
Pooper McDuffington, III

Could be part hamster, but I’m thinking woodchuck or beaver.

Whatever, the result is adorable.

Seconded, in exactly the same words! :slight_smile:

I am definately more of a cat person - but he is squeeeeeeee!

As long as we’re sharing, I get to have one of these cute little guys!

My own little vizsla pup should be making her acquaintance with me in about a month.

Woo-hoo!! :smiley:

Edit: the OP’s puppy is frighteningly cute, for sure!

“Puppy breath” never fails to bring back my childhood!

I need a puppy! Where can I get a puppy from? Can I borrow yours? I swear I’ll give him back? Please, please, please…

I named my dog “Handyman” because he does odd jobs around the house!

Just kidding. Cute puppy you’re going to have there. Give him a skritch for me!

Awww…very cute puppy. Thanks for sharing!

And…I like Bandit. He doesn’t have a dark patch around his eye, but he still reminds me a bit of Jonny Quest’s Bandit. Just a bit more hamster-y looking. :smiley:

Those guys are a metric ass-ton of cute!

Sorry, Ivan but I think all the hamster-monsters are spoken for.

On another note, what initial accoutrements should we invest in? Most of the stuff will have to be replaced as he gets bigger. We have little bowls, toys, collar, vet appt., leash, bio-degradable doo doo baggies. Anything else?

Patience. Lots and lots of patience. :slight_smile:

Kongs are nigh-indestructable. So are booda-bones.

Good nylon floppy frisbees for throwing. They last longer.

You gotta love a puppy pile!

Aww, a pile of puppies!

The OP’s pup is totally squeeably cute as well. Such a cutie!