Wanna see my puppy?

He’s three weeks old in these pics and only 5 more to go before we pick him up!

He has a name that’s not set in stone:


Now I need to buy some dog stuff.


How cute! He looks like a rare Shar-Pei/Hamster mix!

Thanks, y’all. His mom is white German Shepard/misc (pictured) and his pop is Sharpei/Akita. I think he’s gonna be a big one. I’ll have to trade in that habittrail.

Please to snorgle the puppy? Okay, snorgle the puppy *for *me? Much fun lies ahead for you!

I volunteer with an animal rescue group, so I see a lot of puppies. I may even have become a bit “meh” about puppies. But, by golly, that Mooch pooch is one of the cutest little pups ever. We wants it, precious, we wants it.

Incredibly cute. Is he sneezing in the one where he is on the ground?

What Tenar said!

Very cute, and congratulations. Enjoy the smell of new puppy.

Wanna see my puppy?

Yeah. Like I’m going to fall for that again.

He’s adorable! What a sweet face. Congrats on your newest family member.

He’s absolutely adorable!!!

But in the first picture, I thought he was a rabbit. :smiley:

<still giggling>

Before bbs2k gets here - Name him Poops!

I miss my dog… I want a bigger place so I can get a new one!

And dat one is soooo cute

pout I wanted to do that!

on my way to the new kitten thread…

Yeah - I caught him mid-choo.

Hey annanate - I thought I’d probably explode the views if I got two puppies and kept the title. Heh.

Poops is a pretty good name. It’s not Turd Ferguson good, however.

OMGSQUEEEE! He’s so cute!

Aw! Hoozdatsweetbabypuppy???

That’s not a Bandit, that’s a……Luther? Yeah, that’s a sweet little baby Luther!

Or George.

He does look like a hamster/dog cross! Such a cuteybabypuppydoggiewoggie! Yes him is!

Poops is a great name, but he looks like a Poopin’ McDuff, to me. :slight_smile: