Wanna see my quinzhee?

Here it is. Nicest one in my neighborhood. Comfortable seating for five. Damn fine place to sit around and drink a beer with friends by the light (and heat) of a kerosene lantern. Feel free to drop by and join me, but you’ll have to hurry as we’re starting to experience temperatures above freezing.

Hey, man, nice quinzhee.

(Always wanted to say that to someone…)

Hey! That’s pretty cool! Have you tried hot-boxing it yet?

Well, obviously someone has - you see the guy’s glazed look in the bottom photo?

When I saw this thread title I half expected Dopers to say, “No, man–so zip your pants!”
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:
Oh, well, maybe I should get my mind out of the gutter. :stuck_out_tongue: