Want a big flat panel TV? Here's an "open box" deal on a 103" set for $ 43,000

Panasonic TH-103PF9UK 103" 1080p Flat Panel Plasma HDTV
SKU: PANTH103PF9UK - Dsplay Model On Sale Now! -QTY 1: ONLY 1 LEFT

How about if I just buy 2 50" plasmas?

You’d have to buy four of them. If they’re still using diagonal measurements, that 103" is from corner to corner.

Course, four TVs working together would still be about half as cheap as that.

Not even: How about $1300 each?

That’s $5200 for 4. Helluva a bargain vs one 103" set for $43,000!

It weighs 485lbs. What is the shipping on something like that going to be?!

50 Cent don’t care about no shipping fees.

You gotta wonder what the markup on that thing was, and if they even had one in stock or would just drop-ship it from a warehouse somewhere.

It’s so out there as a technology demonstration I’d almost bet the manuf is barely breaking even or losing money on each sale.

Meh, not even nine feet.