Want some cadaverous tissue in your lips?

Or somewhere else?

Yes, it’s Alloderm.

So…Would you want some of this implanted? Would you want to donate?


I’d never have it injected into my body… unless it’s a steak or hamburger, I have serious psychological problems with dead things.

I’d not be opposed to donating though. I’m dead, what do I care what happens to my body afterwards?

I wouldn’t mind becoming a donor. I’ll donate every useful bit anyway.

Ya know, now that I see it written out, I guess I shouldn’t be using that as a pick-up line after all.


[sixth sense]
I kiss Dead People…

[/sixth sense]

Mmmm, cadaverous tissue…

From the link, it appears that Alloderm is not injected but grafted where there is a loss of tissue due to cancer, burns, wounds etc .

So yeah if I had that going on I wouldn’t hesitate.

My brother had extensive back surgery last year that required cadaver bone to fasten the rods, plates, screws to and he doesn’t seem to be suffering any ill effects from it. Not once have I heard him say braaaaaaaains.

When I am done with my body I have no problems with donating any suitable parts that someone else may benefit from. Why not help others if you can. (I was going to say if it’s no skin off your nose but…)

I definitely wouldn’t take the chance, because I’ve seen such informative documentaries as Night of the Living Dead and Resident Evil.

I will, instead, fortify my home for when Joan Rivers comes to eat my brain.

Once on Joe’s hips, forever on your lips.

I’m Pondering the Stibbons right now.

Wouldn’t bother me.

It’s all just chemicals, no matter what it is. Feh.