Want to be a baseball GM? Try our Out Of The Park League

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at being the General Manager of a baseball organization? Does the idea of scouting players, drafting and signing them, developing them, trading with your fellow owners, setting lineups and pitching rotations appeal to you? If you, you might be interested in our league – The Unofficial Straight Dope Message Board Out of the Park league.

Out of the Park is a baseball simulation game. In the game, you take the role of a general manager and run a baseball organization. You draft players in the annual amateur draft, develop those players, trade them with your fellow owners to improve your team and set lineups and pitching rotations for teams in your organization.

Our league (the SDMB OOTP) began on this message board back in 2002 and has been running since. We are currently in the middle of our 31st season.

During the season, we simulate half a month’s worth of games every week. After each sim, you download the latest league file to your computer, make any changes to your teams that you wish to make and then upload your changes to the league server. All these functions are handled in the game… you don’t have to have knowledge of how to transfer the files.

Membership in the league is free, although you do have to own the software. It can be found at the game’s website and is available via download or Steam.

Feel free to check us out. We have a league blog where announcements are made, our league page where the current standings/stats/news is kept, as well as a Slack channel for communications. There are currently three teams available – Mepkin Abbey, Atlanta and Maui, so you have a choice as to which team you want. Once our current season is completed, you will be able to “move”/rename your new team.

Please feel free to ask any questions. I can be reached on this message board or via email at commish (at) izev.com.

Zev Steinhardt

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Zev Steinhardt