Want to change your sexual orientation? First get a tennis racket & a pillow...

certain therapy techniques he uses on clients with homosexual desires.

Gaaaaaaaaay! [/Francis Otterman]

Hmmmmm… and here I always thought the hugging, holding, palling and buddying around with same-gender peers was a part of this gay thing I got goin’ on. Or, is he saying that all this hugging, holding, etc. that I do with da squeeze is not because I’m gay, but because there’s a straight persone inside me yearning to be free? Now I’m confused. I mean, if I started hugging, holding etc. on females, would that mean I’m gayer than a debutante on holiday in Paris even though I started acting straight? Oh screw it! It’s just easier to stick to being queer. Ya just lost another one Cohen! :smiley:

Perhaps the gay community could help fundamentalist Christians become better people… :smiley:

Is he burly? Cause then I’d be glad to do my part. :smiley:

… and what about all the straight men who spend a lot of time holding women? Shouldn’t they all be getting teh gay, too?

You know, if you’re going to choose to be in the closet, if it makes you happier, that’s okay, I guess, but at least shut the damn door…

Ummm…so the “formerly gay” Cohen likes to hold male clients on his lap and cuddle them…

Oh yeah, that sounds like a healthy therapeutic relationship :rolleyes:

Hmm, this could be interesting. Now I just have to convince that hot guy in the apartment down the hall from me that it’s just a therapy technique and he really should come over and…umm cuddle. :slight_smile: Just to keep him straight and all that of course.

I’m a Christian who needs to be a better person… can I watch? :smiley:

A tennis racquet and a pillow? Somebody’s sexuality is in grave peril here.

An “ex-gay”. And a Christian, whose name is Cohen?

Can’t this guy stick with anything?

Arrgggghhh, fuck that guy. (I’m hetero myself, so I’ll leave the literal fulfillment of that to some of the other people who’ve replied here ;))

And a bunch of other things I could and would say if this thread was in the Pit.

If you’re a burly Christian, you can even help with the “therapy”. :wink:

swampyluv, I’m pretty well skinny, but what if I put that pillow down my shirt and we turned down the lights?..

They’re all burly in the dark. :smiley:

Well, I’m neither burly nor a christian…but I’m willing to assist with the group therapy. :smiley:

Group “therapy” is the best!

Hey, it makes him feel better.