Want to come clean: Long ago I used to have a different user name. What do I do?

Please don’t ban me. I was young and rash, and I let my previous membership die for a couple of years. Then I came back under a new user name. I didn’t have a malicous intent about it.

Tell me what do do. Please don’t ban me.

I think you need to contact TubaDiva right away, and give her the name of your old account as well as your current one. She’ll know how to fix the situation. I doubt you’ll be banned, since you haven’t been engaging in malicious sockpuppetry; the Powers That Be will just close one of those two accounts. Good luck getting this resolved!

Okay, got you all merged up here.

Please let me know if there’s any difficulty accessing your registration. But you should be good to go.

Just out of curiosity (and assuming you don’t mind) what was your other screen name?

So you’re a '99er now. :slight_smile:


Thank you! I unsay all my harsh words. :wink:

Really, thank you.

Guess again. Hint: I need a nap. A really long nap.

I’m old. Yay.

Is that anywhere near, OO-bla-da?:smiley:

And now, for something completely different.:eek:

Although, I think it IS, vaguely, in the same general category.:confused: Then again, maybe NOT.
But, I digress…
I’ve been a guest,:dubious: (well, actually, more of a lurker!) since 1999, and I have a question concerning “Charter Member(ship)”. Well, more like, a lot of questions.:smack:
Would you be so kind as to enlighten me, (or point me in the right direction) so that I might expand my knowledge on that particular subject? I shall be forever in your debt, if you will oblige me. :smiley:
I thank you, profusely, in advance.:wink:

When we first went to a subscription basis we made an offer to all people currently registered at that time: Become a subscriber and pay half the going rate for as long as you continue to subscribe.

Since they were the first to subscribe we dubbed them “Charter Members.”

Everyone who signed up after the Charter Member offer was styled “Member.”

You can become a subscriber at any time by clicking on “UserCP,” then “Paid Subscriptions,” and follow the prompts. The Straight Dope accepts most major credit cards.

You may subscribe for yourself and/or buy a gift subscription for a friend or loved one.

In return Members don’t see ads and get a few other little benefits, including increased PM space, a picture in your profile, etc.

Subscription revenue helps keep us in business and is very much appreciated.

Not sure I get the reference, but my guess is:

Doghouse Reilly


Fucking Tired?



Rip Van Winkle? Hugh Hefner?

Buck Rogers?
John Spartan?



The Insomniorrrr

Ban him unless he tells us the name.

I looked through the old mod logs. Turns out he was 14 k of g in a fpd.

I hate you.

I bet he used to be George.