Want to know about how reading and listening?

Im reading a book that my friend had listened 2 on Audible and i was woondering if reading it would be faster than listening 2 it?

Most people read at a faster rate than people talk, so yes, unless you’re a very slow reader.

On the other hand you can listen while doing other things like painting your house, driving, walking your dog, etc. You can listen while pretending to work, under certain circumstances, which you can’t do with a book. So in those circumstances, listening might be faster.

Thankyou i knew that was probably the casw just wanted 2 know

According to Staples I could read War and Peace at my normal reading speed in 15 hours. The unabridged audio book is 60 hours and 50 minutes long.

That’s a cool test! However, according to it, you read significantly faster than I do, and I read significantly faster than average, so that “15 hours for War and Peace” isn’t typical.

It’s certainly true that some people read faster than others, and also that some books can be, and ought to be, read faster than others.

Some e-readers/apps can estimate how much time you have left in the book or chapter you’re reading, at your current reading speed.

It’s also true that some audiobook readers read faster than others. If you look on Audible.com, you can find some books that have more than one recorded version available, and there’s sometimes a noticeable difference in playing times. Here’s a column comparing the American and British versions of the Harry Potter audiobooks (read by Jim Dale and Stephen Fry, respectively), which notes that Dale reads noticeably faster than Fry.

I vehemently disagree with that column’s assertion that “Of course, no one wants to speed hear an audiobook.” I’ve found that speeding up an audiobook can manifestly increase my enjoyment of it. Fortunately, I can do so: the Audible player/app on my Kindle Fire HD has the ability to speed up (or slow down) the playback speed of an audiobook, and I love this feature and use it all the time. (For non-Audible.com audio, I also have an mp3 player with this feature.)