Want to pay for another's subscription

I know there’s a way to do this but I’ve been unable to figure out where to go to do so.

There’s a Guest who is asking a rather important question about his pet. He states he is a long time lurker and that his guest membership expires tomorrow. Seems like a good sincere guy and I’d hate to see him denied the information that the board provides.

When I subscribed for this period, the hamsters were in upheaval mode and I accidentally subscribed twice (see your roster). Can I give this guest member the remainder of my erroneous (second) subscription? If not, how can I pay for his membership for the next year?


The best way to do it is to get his password from him, log on using his name, go into his user CP and subscribe. He, of course, will want to change his password after you’ve done so.

There was an issue way back with the confirmation email (which will be sent to him, not you) containing personal information (your name, address), but that was fixed.

Can I pay for another Doper’s subscription without getting his password?