Want to sell a 1998 used car? Now's the time!!

Odd but true


Wow, that’s bad policy.

That is… really strange.

So next year, only 1999 used cars will be salable?

sets to work on title with White-Out

Damn! One year off. I’m planning on selling my '97 truck this year.

Huh. Bizarre. Lots of older US cars get exported to developing countries. Many of them wound up with the flood damaged cars from Katrina, because they don’t have anyway of tracking such things like most US states do.

I sold my Dakota in Mexico a few months ago. It was, coincidentally, a '98. I spoke with the guy I sold it to for a while, and he said that anything newer wasn’t banned, but that he didn’t like to buy anything newer because they were taxed so heavily. The old law made sense to me. The new one, not so much. Although, seeing as how the Mexican Association for Automotive Distributors lobbied for the change, I can see their reasoning for it. But all it’s going to do is make cars more expensive for all Mexicans.

It will probably be a few years before I can get one of them fancy 1998 models.

Sweet! I actually have a 1998 for sale!

I do too, now! Excellent…

When I read that I had to laugh. Most 1998 cars I see are turds.

Yea, the JnglRide is a 1998 Ponti Grand Prix GTP. Everything is great right now, best car I’ve ever had, paid off, etc. I’ve been considering selling it for something a little newer. Should I sell the car that’s working fine and I enjoy while at it’s maximum value and take on payments I don’t need? Or chance it breaking down on me at a most inconvenient time and I have huge repairs or am faced with buying a new car anyway? Gah…