I’m waiting for the one that just floats in the air.

I like that the first picture in the gallery is tits. Good to see they know where the priorities lie…

If that’s what Internet porn is going to look like in the future, then I’ll keep my good old opaque monitor, TYVM.

The definition of “A solution searching for a problem.”

It’s like the Sony Xperia Pureness phone: Gimmicky without any real point. Aside from integrating the technology into some sort of high tech, Night Rider (the most recent one) HUD, I can’t think of a reason I’d want a transparent display, though I can think of numerous reasons I wouldn’t.

Cool to look at but pointless. I can imagine working on one all day would be an exercise in frustration.

Now, what we really need is a transparent cat. Then I’d be so happy that I could actually see my laptop that I wouldn’t care if it was transparent or not.

It looks like crap for doing normal laptop work.

But add a forward-facing video camera and some precision location-tracking hardware and you’ve got a great platform for augmented reality … .

What, so that I could let everyone see what I was working on?

Here, I fixed it for you:
What, so that I could let everyone see what I was “working” on?

“He’s reading EPOD THGIARTS EHT again!”

Heh. You know that video where you’re supposed to stare at a screen for a long time hunting for some kind of minutiae and, all of a sudden, a monster face pops up and screams?

Do that when you’re sitting opposite of someone on a bus.

Trying to read on that thing would give me a killer headache.

If you could make it opaque from the other side then you could spy on people.