Wanted - maths book for late developer

I’m looking for a maths book for adults that would take me right back to the beginning, assuming no knowledge at all, so I could relearn the subject properly.

I suppose the easiest thing to do would be to get a school textbook for 5-year-olds, but I’d prefer it if stuff was explained in an adult way.
Ideally, the book would be part of a course that would take me from a standing start to a ‘competent teenager’ level. I’m particularly keen to get a grip on statistics. Also, I’m in the UK, so it would have to be available over here…
Any ideas welcome

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I don’t know how far you need to go back, but most large bookstores have those kinds of books, but they are mostly written for children-teenagers. I’ve never thought about this either, but why is adult illiteracy so important to overcome and they have many programs for it yet having a limited knowledge of math not so widely fought?

Anyways, I think you should just suck it up about having to learn from children’s books, because if you hired a tutor to teach you, they’d probably just teach out of the same book and not tell you.

Really, and truly, good luck on your quest. Remember that math is learned by repetition, and when you get to statistics, you will find out that it’s really fun.

I’m not really sure that a book for kids would be so much different from a book for adults. I mean, if both assume you know nothing about math, what would be different? The terms are the same regardless, right?

You might want to consider getting a homeschool textbook, it might be better suited for teaching yourself. Saxon is really great; that’s what we use. And you could probably get the books cheap on Ebay.

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I’m a formerly math-phobic homeschooler who used the from-the-bottom-up method to get into university. For what it’s worth, the grade nine ‘basic’ math in Ontario highschools eight years ago started with 2 + 2 = 4. I was giggling at those poor saps who wasted eight years in grade school…