War for masks and other supplies

Per some European officials, the US has been buying up consignments of equipment that they had purchases, sometimes arriving on the tarmac with dollars and other times apparently just taking it.

Merits aside, this is bad. How long before people start shooting at each other.

Care to rephrase your post so it makes sense? Of course we’re buying things we purchased.

I believe what the OP was attempting to rephrase was this:

[From the linked article]
“Some French officials have even alleged that their consignments from China have been hijacked by Americans”
“There is a foreign country that paid three times the price of the cargo on the tarmac. So the masks are gone”

IOW, America is buying up purchases that other countries had made buy paying more for them, sometimes making the deals just as the plane was getting ready to take off.

Weirdly, the federal government is also outbidding the state governments. And Massachusetts sent the Patriots’jet to China to pick up masks purchased from tencent because the masks they bought through ordinary channels were “impounded”. The governor didn’t say --who-- impounded those masks, but they were impounded in NY State, and some of that shipment that did get through was voluntarily sent to NY State. So…

Yes, it is a typing error. I meant the US is accused of showing up and purchasing equipment already ordered, paid for and ready for delivery to others.

And now the Turks..

The Great Ventilator wars… :eek: