"War for the Planet of the Apes"; I was disappointed

HBO is showing this now, and I was pretty excited to see it. I really liked the first reboot in this series and thought the 2nd one was quite good, too. But this one just didn’t deliver. I don’t know if it was bad editing, but it seemed very choppy. And the plot was full of, not just bad but silly decisions by the characters. A good part of the time I thought I was watching Rick and Negan not kill each other in an episode of The Walking Dead. The biggest disappointment was turning Caesar into a one-dimensional character who just didn’t interest me at all. Bad. Bad movie.

The one redeeming feature was the character of Maurice. The actor/CGI was extremely expressive and offered a complex, interesting character to the audience. And yeah, the CGI was absolutely incredible. But not enough to redeem the film, IMO.

Oh, and are they really offering us the Cornelius and Nova from the original? Only one, maybe two, generations between Rise and Charlton Heston? :confused: