War of the Worlds, the true story

so I went to the movies last night, if you get a chance you should really check out
its in limited theaters atm so catch it if you can. its a pretty amazing version of the story this time that stays true to the book, and has a cast of some legendary stars (lots of old footage) the editing/effects were astounding (at least to me but I know a little of how hard this must have been) according to the director they had 121 weeks of post production…thats 2 friggin years.

I can’t tell from that site if this is a “Blair Witch”-type movie, a mockumentary, an attempt to fleece the gullible, or a sincere effort by Conspiracy Theorists. I’d appreciate if somebody with better reading comprehension skills would clue me in. TIA!

Are you familiar with the H.G. Wells Book “The War of the Worlds”? This is a movie based on that book, told from Wells’ persepctive.

Here’s the trailer: