In today’s second RickJay thread, I’d like to know if anyone is SDMB land plays “Wardbirds” online. Man, I can’t stop playing that game.

For those of you who’ve never heard of it, Warbirds is just an online game in which you fly WWII planes in four teams and blow the hell out of one another trying to capture airfields. The number of planes available is dizzying - dozens of American, Japanese, British, German and Russian planes. The simulated realism is excellent; every plane flies differently.

I totally suck at dogfights. Everyone else knows all these fancy-ass moves. They do Immelmanns and split-S loops and yo-yos and scissors turns. I turn aim and shoot, and then turn in a circle, and then head for the ground in a plume of black smoke and airplane parts when somebody shoots me full of holes. Usually I stick to flying bombers, which means I just have to fly in a straight line, which suits my abilities.

Anyway, it’s great. Anyone else play it? Wanna try?

I have always meant to RickJay… never got around to it. Personally I am dying for WWII online to come out. That looks incredible. Whats the cost for Warbirds? Maybe I will give it a shot.