Warcraft 3 is here!! Who wants to try Bnet with me?

Warcraft 3 is finally here. I got the undead box today. Pretty badass game. I noticed that there is not a thread about this gaem yet today so it must mean everyone is playing it.

Anyone wanna play it on Bnet with me?

I got it a few days ago. My friend had a copy somehow (a friend of a friend had the beta or something) so he burned it for me. I’m gonna go legit soon, though, so don’t worry.

It is truly a great game…I’m about halfway through the second campaign now. Single player is great, I never really liked single player in the other Blizzard games. This hero stuff is pretty cool, and it actually has a coherent story line.

Oh man, how is it? I didn’t know it was coming out now. Won’t be in China for at least 6 months. Anyhoo, does it rock?

Yeah, I have had the hacked version for a couple weeks. I love it. I normally suck at these RTS games, but this one is a little smaller scale than most so its easier to manage. I bought the legit copy today so I could play on Bnet. Its lots of fun.

Blizzard does it again.

(BTW, the cinemas are top TOP notch again.)

I’ll be picking it up this weekend. i predict no sleep friday and saturday.