Warcraft 3 Pro Gamer MYM]Moon to carry Olympic Torch

. . . but first he has to Unroot from his chair. [/Warcraft humor]


Will he be able to keep up with the “other” athletes? With Boots of Speed, damn right he will!

Feh. I bet that thing gives shammy bonuses. And there’s so many it can’t be more than a green. He’s welcome to it.

Yeh, shammy mail crap. Diss or AH.

This is Warcraft 3, which is awesome, not WoW, which is… WoW.
So the Boots of Speed reference is perfectly acceptable but AH references are not! :smiley:

On a more serious note re: the OP… I guess if he’s important enough in Korea. I’m surprised it’s not someone Starcraft-related, honestly; it seemed to me WC3 never got as big a base as SC did there, anyways.

Just curious, but how do you pronounce ]?

Like the ‘r’ in ‘Grtozhkzhny’.

I hope he got the **+5 Broadsword of Protester Smiting ** first.

Koreans worship all Blizzard products in their religion.