Warcraft III gameplay/cheats question

I like to punch RTS games in the face and run away, but World of Warcraft has me itching to see old lore as it happened, which of course takes me back to WCIII.

Yes, I know, the Dope doesn’t like cheat codes, but like I said, I want the plot for the purposes of understanding WoW better. So my question is, how much of the plot is actually in each battle and how much is in-between battles? Blizzard made insta-win battle cheats which are tempting, but if the battles themselves impart much plot I will not skip them.

I’ve actually done this myself. You’re not missing much by skipping the missions, especially the “build up a base and take the fight to the enemy” type. The vast majority of the story is in the cutscenes before and after. And if you feel like you missed something, you can usually look up the mission name on the Warcraft wiki for an synopsis.

I’ll contradict and say that there’s enough plot in the battles that it’s worth your while to see the plot that comes out during battles. Use lots of other cheats to ensure that you don’t spend much time on it.

Thanks guys! I might just put on God Mode instead.

I played WC III mostly for the story, so I cheat-coded my way through it. IIRC, there’s a mission as the Warsong orcs in Ashenvale that kinda glitches if you use god mode.

Probably unnecessary spoiler for well-known Warcraft lore:

You fight the night elves for a bit, then they send Cenarius after you. He’s supposed to hand you your ass for a while, then you go get some demon blood to get super-charged and then kill him. If you use god mode you kill him right off the bad and it skips to the end cutscene with no explanation why everyone’s suddenly red.It’s kind of an important plot point. You should probably limit yourself to the other cheat codes for that mission.

Using god mode is better, since there are a lot of progressive mini-cutscenes in a lot of the missions. Particularly in the Arthas campaigns.