wARez rULez!!

Who, or indeed what, is “warez” and why does he, she or it rule?
Most websites I’ve seen it on go along the lines of “your gay and suck ha ha ha,” so I’m guessing these are 8 year olds who’ve just discovered HTML.

Generally, that term is used for software obtained through illicit means, usually over the Internet. I think they say it “rulez” because they didn’t pay for it. Actually, it’s not so much the 8-year olds that discovered HTML, but oftentimes the kind of hacker (or wannabe hacker) who has no respect for proper English. (They like to 5p33k with numbers when possible; don’t know why.)

Of course, as soon as this thread degenerates into “where’s the best places to find warez”, it will be closed.

My understanding is that in the 80’s(?), there was a fear amongst the 31it3 that their message boards were being montiored by software that could parse sentences looking for key phrases. Using 31it3-speak, they would fool the e-vil software.


So, where’s the best place to find, er, wARez?

It can be tough to find a good warez site out there, very tough. But when you do, you an a bunch of neat stuff.


The term “warez” is actually a corruption of the name of one of the big Mexican organised computer crime syndicate families.
You see, the Juarez and Gomez families both deal in stolen software in huge volumes.
Some clueless scriptkiddies misinterpreted, and now “warez” and “gamez” are the terms used.

Start here and follow the links.

What the hell is “31it3” is meant to be. Tell me, please, this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

What the hell is “31it3” meant to be. Tell me, please, this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

What the hell is “31it3” meant to be. Tell me, please, this is the kind of thing that keeps me up at night.

Elite. See, some things just aren’t worth staying up late at night over.

BTW: this message board has no government affiliation. There is no need to post in triplicate. :slight_smile:

Be aloof.
We have enough lerts.

http://www.bigredh.com has cool file-trading software. (random comment)

I’ve found that any “warez” site (html) usually is just a bunch of porn popups.

You can usually find them in newsgroups, but usually there are parts of the multi-part posting missing, so they are useless.

I have never had success finding warez in newsgroups or on websites (lotta porno-spam though, hate them popups)

Yeah, porn popups or links closed by the SPA. Which is too bad because a USEFUL service these sites provide is supplying “abandonware,” or software that is no longer produced or supported. This can be handy if one has an old computer that won’t run the current Windows software. Few software companies have a “museum” for old DOS software like Borland does.

Waitaminnit . . .
I am Tripler, and I work for the government.

Is this a crack at me? :smiley:

No, that was a crack at all us gub’ment workers. Me included.

Actually, in my ecperiences warez sites don’t tend to be porn. I’ve had good luck with getting old games that I loved a long time ago.
Some sites will advertise that since the games are no longer being produced, it’s legal to download and play them. This is wrong. As long as the copyright on the game is still in effect, it’s illegal.

(not that I haven’t downloaded any of them anyways…)

I thought the triplicate comment was funny. =)

Just FYI, if you turn off javascript in your browser, that’ll disable the popups. It’ll also disable “mouseover” – the phenomenon where you hold your mouse over a link and something other than the link shows up in the status bar.