Warning - Don't buy a Green Tea Latte at Boba Loca

I popped into a Boba Loca this morning and saw that their special of the day was a Green Tea Latte.

“Great”, I think. I’ve had a green tea latte at (whatever coffee shop is inside Border’s bookstore - not Starbucks) and it was delightful. “I’ll have that” I say.

The counter girl seemed particularly cheerful, and she goes to whip it up.

I get it, let it cool a little, then take my first expectant sip.

It tastes like sludge. Truly, there is no better word to describe it than sludge. Normally I’m not so put off by the green color of a drink if it’s delicious, but now I can’t help but look at my cup of thick (dark) green liquid, and feel like I am drinking something out of the sewer the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles lived in. I try to stomach it for a few more sips, even tried holding my nose, but I just couldn’t take it. And I normally have a very forgiving palate.

I consider asking for a refund/replacement drink. In retrospect I probably could have gotten it. But I just tossed it and chalked it up as a lesson learned and a story to tell. So please learn from my mistake and don’t order the Sewer Water/Green Tea Latte from Boba Loca.

I guess I like sludge, 'cause I think green tea lattes are yummy. V:)V

Well I thought the same thing until I had Boba Loca’s green tea latte. Have you had theirs? (It’s also possible the cheery counter girl messed it up somehow. That’s probably why I felt like I should have complained)

Green tea shouldn’t have milk in it. It’s too bitter. Green tea latte sounds like an abomination unto all that is sacred.

It sounds like they made it with real green tea, which does taste heavily of leaves, as it’s powdered tea mixed into hot water and not strained in the least. I love it, but a lot of people who are used to green tea being made with a tea bag think it tastes like puddle water.

I’m used to having it with tealeaves, and nothing but, in China, and I can’t imagine it with sweet frothed milk.