Warning for auto-start videos in links, please?

While browsing the Pit, 3 of these were attached to links I opened. Not good at work and I think I may have some hearing loss as well (headphones.) Please, can we ask for a warning when you link to a video?

Were the links to YouTube, or were they to some site that isn’t obviously videos? I generally hover over a link before clicking it to see where it goes.

I’m not sure about the practicality of this. A lot of folks use script blockers and ad blockers and such that prevent auto-start videos from starting. The person posting the link may not even be aware that the page has an auto-start video on it.

Most browsers these days have settings to enable or disable auto-play. I just took a quick look at this link but it seems to have reasonably good descriptions for how to do this for Chrome and Firefox:

News sites, not You Tube. And I can’t install anything on the work system. But thanks.