Warning in Positive Gun News

Here’s the link

Is there some “Positive” standard that we have to go by to post in the “Positive Gun News” thread? Who’s judgement should we use to determine if a story is a “Positive Gun News” story? Is there someone we should run our links by to make sure they meet the criteria of “Positive Gun News” before we post them?

What’s your plan here? Cos I’m not seeing one.

I don’t have a plan. Why would you think so?

Seems like engineer_comp_geek was pretty clear about the reason for the warning. And it sure looks like blatant trolling to me.

Common sense would be the most basic guide. And I doubt that anyone would agree that that story represents “positive gun news.”

But it’s not trolling. I think it’s Positive Gun News. That’s why I posted in Positive Gun News.

If you seriously think that is positive gun news, then I would advise you not to return to that thread.

Y’know, when you’re told something is trolling, it would be better not to start a thread in ATMB to troll some more. This is extremely poor judgement on your part.

That’s fine, I won’t. But it looks like we can’t use our own judgement to determine “Positive Gun News”. I guess only “Gun News” that is deemed by the moderators to be “Positive” can be posted there. “Positive” is a subjective term that can mean a lot of things to a lot of different people. I suggest you take that into account when giving out warnings in the future.

It would be, I agree, if that was what I was doing. But I’m not. Plus, I don’t see any posts where somebody told me I was trolling.

This isn’t just the moderator’s individual opinion. I’m pretty sure the general consensus would be that the incident you described was not positive.

engineer told you he thought you might be trolling. I’m telling your right now what you did in that thread was trolling, and I think you’re continuing to troll now. And our judgement is what counts in this matter.


Ok, that’s fine. To whom should I submit my links to in order to determine if it is a “Positive” gun story, so I can be sure that I don’t get a warning in the future?

I am not going to defend the OP here.

That said, that thread has always kind of made me sad. None of it is positive in a real emotional sense, it’s only positive in a rather crass political ammunition sense. If I have to shoot some crazy crackhead who’s breaking into my house, that’s not a good thing. It’s an ugly thing. The only thing good is that it lets people show our society is so scary we need guns. I’m not even arguing that’s not true – I’m just saying it’s a little gross to call that positive news.

Probably best if you just don’t post in that thread again.

Well, I have agreed to not post in that thread again. But it would be nice to know who I should ask if a story is a “Positive Gun Story”. There might be a story in the future that is SO positive that I would be remiss if I didn’t post it. But if I had someone that could judge that story, and determine if it was “Positive” or not, then I could still contribute to this board.

The obvious “rule” for the thread is good/innocents shoot the bad/guilty stories. Just stop.

Ok. So the good cops shot a bad guy who didn’t listen to their commands. That belongs in the thread, right?

I find your mock confusion uninspiring so I’ll leave you to other people’s responses.