Warp Alert. Killer Bees in the Bay Area!

We are all doomed, Doomed I say!!! BwaHaaHaaa…

I for one welcome … nope, I just can’t do it.

Sure you can Greg Charles. Just put your mind to it,

Why is this thread not in the Pit? These killer bees killed two dogs.

How do killer bees kill dogs? Can dogs be allergic to bee stings? Or does a sufficient number of bee stings just fill those dogs up with enough venom to kill them?

Did you mean warp alert or wasp alert?

Killer bees scare the bejeezus out of me. PIT THE KILLER BEES!!!

And the guy who owned the hive that got taken over by killer bees, what kind of liability does he have, for the dead dogs, or the stung neighbors?

Um… they call them Killer Bees for a reason. People have died. :dubious:

I read several articles on this, all of which are written so similarly that they seem to have all come from one source. And I Pit that source because all the articles I read are so vague and not very informative.

They all say that the guy with the hive “got rid of [it]”. Not one says how or where he got rid of it. Did he just toss it into a dumpster? Did he exterminate the hive? Did he stick it into a plastic bag and drive it up to Marin County?

As best I can make out what the stories are saying, he somehow “got rid of” the hive, while some number of the bees were out in the field. Those bees then didn’t have a hive to come back home to. What becomes of those bees? Do they start a new hive and raise a new queen? Do they infiltrate themselves into other established hives? Do they just die off?

Killer bees: Coming soon to a Bay Area neighborhood near you!

If killer bees ever develop warp speed, we’re all doomed!

Dang. I thought that sort of stuff only happened in crappy SyFy schlock movies. “Beenado”, or something.

Without investing scarce time to investigate, I’d wager that the original story was written by a McClatchy or BANG (Bay Area News Group) reporter and then it was picked up by AP Newswire for other papers and websites to re-post without doing any investigative or editorial effort.

I’ve been reading the print edition of San Francisco Chronicle. One of the articles mentioned that the first night, he waited until the killer bees “clumped”, which I guess bees do at night, I assume inside their hive, and he sprayed them with warm soapy water, which is the recommended method of killing clumps of bees. (Soapy water is the method I use to kill bugs attacking my plants.)

The (empty?) hive was then driven out to a ranch he owns somewhere in the boonies (can’t remember where, but not urban or suburban.) Actually the article says both hives were driven out there. (The other hive was not taken over by killer bees.)

The remaining killer bees are now angrier because they can’t find their home.

So they are now … hurter bees?

They’re zombees.

I have to question whether these are really killer bees. They were apparently being maintained by a beekeeper and they only got violent when he destroyed their nest.

He had two hives of regular honeybees, but the theory is that one of the hives (only one!) was taken over by feral killer bees, e.g., by killing the queen and replacing her with one of their own. The beekeeper didn’t know it until he tried to move the hive.

DNA testing is in progress. That’s the only way to tell for sure the difference between the regular European bees and the Africanized ones.

The SF Chron today is telling us we should be welcoming our new killer bee overlords, because they aren’t going anywhere. The suggestion is to try to “domesticate” the killer bees and try to select for less aggressiveness… Their honey is just as tasty as regular bees. They pollinate just as well.

I’ve read that they aren’t very prolific honey-producers.

I’m reminded of the ‘alarm’ in A Fistful of Yen.

Oh god, so not what we need around here!

Currently, even the wasps are pretty mellow around here. Bees too. I was standing with my bike outside of the grocery store in Oakland, and a honeybee zoomed up really fast, and landed on my hand. I kept very still and let it sit. Poor guy was panting, as if he’d just run a race. Huh. He was probably running away from killer bees. After a minute, he took off again.

They found ~50 stingers in both and they probably got hit a lot more than that. That’s quite a bit for particularly wee dogs that weigh maybe 20 lbs.

Zero from the looks of it. Pretty much an “Act of God.”

Complicated by the fact that Africanized bees don’t die after one sting–they can each sting several times before they run out of venom.

dude you are freaking me out!