warped sound in family guy

I just watched thr family guy episode “wasted talent” (hillarious episode, btw). In a dialogue between asian reporter Tricia Takanawa and the professional ninja, the professional ninja gets interrupted by his wife who sneaks up on him. The ninja knocks her out by pure reflex and says “sorry honey, you know you can’t sneak up on me like that!”.

The acoustics in that line are very far off, it sounds more like the ninja is standing in a shower cabin than out on a street, and it totally diverses with the rest of the dialogue. Question is: how come these mistakes don’t get noticed before the episode is approved? How common are they?

Well, I’ve seen that episode at least 3 times, and never noticed that. I wonder if it was just the signal getting wierd, and not the source being mis-recorded.

Granted, I simply might not remember hearing it sound off.

I rewinded several times to make sure it wasn’t me. I also noticed this the second time I watched the episode. However, I do not own it, I merely watched it at a friend’s house, it might have been his copy.

Could somebody who own the episode check this up?

Oh, I thought you had watched in on Cartoon Network.

In that case, it’s probably an error on the tape itself, especially if it’s an older one that has been recorded over repeatedly.

Yeah, it might be the tape. But I still haven’t experienced such a thing before, and it was a new tape and a recent recording. Surely somebody here has access to the family guy DVD’s?

Just watched it on the Family Guy DVD and it all sounds fine. Must be your tape.