Warren Buffett on taxing the rich


Thank you!

I was delighted to read that this morning. I only wish I could be confident that it will make any difference at all.

Who is “us”, Mr. Buffett?

Th rich guys who give the orders?

You and me, Kozmik. Ask any politician.

What the hell does this guy know about money? Have him come talk to me when he makes his first billion. Until then I’ll take the advice of Bachmann, Beck, Boehner, Walsh and Perry.

Warren Buffett–you rock!

Wish he’d spoken up a month ago! :confused:

Not sure if he spoke up exactly a month ago, but he’s been on record as supporting tax increases for awhile, now. I seem to remember re-hearing about it around last month as well but I may be mistaken.

Buffet for President!

Thanks to the wonders of Facebook, I now know that there are people who think that Warren Buffett can just pay more in taxes. I had to point out to them that if he overpays, he will get a refund just like the rest of us normal folks.

That’s not how it works.

Obama just endorsed Buffet’s proposal.

Yet he was critical of Obama on taxing corporate jets.

It’s an argument made by a man who will never be affected in any material way by tax increases. I think it depends on how you define “rich”. A million a year in income (ordinary) is probably a good start. Still, tax increases alone on the “rich” won’t do much to stimulate growth. It is a red herring by Obama to appeal to his base.

Well, he does own NetJets. He’s not exactly unbiased on that subject.

I question his bias on the entire issue. Buffet is so rich that none of this matters so forgive me if I don’t jump on the bandwagon.

Reform the tax code will do more then raising taxes on tne “rich”.

The op-ed was about his personal taxes, while eliminating the deduction on corporate jets would affect a business he owns. I believe the deduction should be eliminated, but then I don’t own a company that leases corporate jets.

Those people probably want him to make a gift to the federal government. It’s still a pretty stupid suggestion, but it is possible.

Or employ people who depend on corporations using corporate jets for their jobs. I used to do taxes for a big company with a corporate jet. Without the deduction, we wouldn’t have had the jet. The tax policies made it cost effective.

No one’s ever decided not to be rich because of the taxes, have they?