Was a crime committed?

[sub]Note to mods: I put this in GD rather than CS because I’m only using the show in question to explain.[/sub]

After last night’s CSI, roommate and I were talking, and she said that she didn’t think the woman in the first case (relax) was guilty of anything.

Basically, the woman and an accomplice attempted to set her husband up for attempted murder via car bomb. The CSI team did its thing and determined she was the “guilty” party.

So, is there a crime here? The husband was not charged with anything, no one was hurt, and the only damage was to the woman’s BMW (her own property).

If I were to try and set my roommate up for murder, but she were cleared of guilt, no one was hurt and my complicity in the case were proven, would I be up on charges?

Wouldn’t this be prosecuting simply for intent, and not for action?

Yes, attempting to frame someone for muder is a chargable offence.

Ditto for “murder”.

Wouldn’t that be “conspiracy to commit fraud” at the least? Conspiracy is all about intent, the fruition of the plan is not required.

Look at it this way…
If I attempted to murder my roommate but because I was such a bungling idiot I got caught, could I be charged with a crime… even though no one actually got murdered?


You don’t have to be a successful criminal to be charged and found guilty, as a matter of fact don’t the successful ones get away scott free?

What would the charge be, for trying to frame someone for attempted muder?

If were talking car bomb here, I’m sure the feds would have something to say…

another vote for intent

She stole the dynamite. That’s a misdemeanor. Conspiracy to commit a misdemeanor is a felony. She planted evidence in hope of causing a legal conviction of an innocent person. That is obstruction of justice, conspiracy on that count too.

Making a bomb is illegal, as well. Setting one off in a service station is definately illegal. Conspiracy to do those things too.

Yep, crimes were committed.


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Filing false reports w/the police, obstruction of justice (by lying to the cops) all are crimes as well.

I suspect that if you chose to blow up your own car and not report it, there might not be a crime, however, she and her co-hort allowed countless (well, less than 60 minutes at least) amount of police time investigating a crime they knew had not been committed.

ample stuff to prosecute.

To answer your second question, the actions were the things you did to frame your roommate. In other words, merely fantasizing about it isn’t illegal. Trying to put the fantasy into effect is (or can be) regardless of whether you succeed.

by the way, assuming that ‘no one is hurt’ once they’re ‘cleared of charges’ isn’t actually accurate. Remember Richard Jewell (who was arrested then cleared of complicity in the Olympic Bombings in Atlanta)? I’d bet he wouldn’t agree ‘no one was hurt’ (and no, I’m not claiming that some one set him up)>

Sorry, I meant “no one was hurt” in the sense that I didn’t actually blow anyone up in the setting up of my roommate, not in the sense that her reputation wouldn’t be damaged.

I should have been clearer. :slight_smile:

Thanks, all for the discussion.

Oh, I knew what you meant Sister, but just even going through being investigated is pretty unnerving.

(I’m careful now about using the phrase ‘no one was hurt’ in a legal sense, since a judge chewed me out - a woman who’s purse was stolen -by my client, a one-armed blonde minority- and recovered intact a few minutes later, I said no one was hurt. THe judge suggested to me that the woman who’s purse was stolen was harmed ‘just as much’ as my client had been when some one shot his arm off. I disagree w/her assesment in that instance, but noted the lesson as a generality)

She took it out of her husband’s car. Is that really theft? Isn’t anything owned by one spouse owned by the other?

Where’d “conspiracy” come from?

What do you mean by “plant evidence”?

Is it?