Was a cure for AIDS patented in 2001?

A conspiracy theorist acquaintance of mine says so (and “they” won’t let it become available, etc.). He cites this international patent filing. Sure enough, it was filed in 2001 and features the words “curing AIDS”. But surely this is an intended cure that doesn’t actually work, or something like that.

What’s the deal with this?

You can file a patent for pretty much any novel idea. You don’t have to prove that it works, or that you even tried it.

If you search:

you find all sorts of CT level discussion. No peer reviewed publications discussing it that I could find, though.

This AIDS charity claims the chemical in that patent, tetrasilver tetroxide, is ineffective in curing AIDS.

Out of curiosity, I ran a search through some academic databases on “tetrasilver tetroxide”. What I found was a large number of patents (which, as above, proves very little) and some peer-reviewed articles concerning the use of tetrasilver tetroxide in water purification. What I didn’t find was any peer-reviewed article in a medical journal showing that this treatment actually works to cure AIDS. There are some claims online concerning a clinical trial that took place in Honduras; however, so far as I can tell, if this trial actually took place, its results were never published. This seems like a bad sign.

Given all this, I strongly suspect that it’s snake oil.

The first Aids case to be diagnosed in Thailand was in 1984. Living up North myself in that decade, I recall many pharmacies put up handwritten signs in their windows that read, in English: “We have AIDS cure.” After a couple of years, you never saw it. Obviously, it was suppressed.

Probably by the same bastards who sat on electric vehicles all those years to keep the oil interests rich.

More material here - apparently the patent is for

  • oh and it kills cancer, too.

It is snake oil. The concept of trying to patent a chemical (Ag[sub]4[/sub]O[sub]4[/sub]) as a “molecular device” makes my head spin. In one of the earlier claims, the author conflates viral, bacterial and fungal infections as a single class of disease treatable by this wonder device

This is not a cure for AIDs. There is no suppression. It beggers belief, but I guess some people still do.


That makes no sense. The biggest source of electricity in the US is oil & natural gas. The oil industry makes money whether your car uses oil directly or via electricity. In fact, they’d probably make more money if all the cars were electric – they could close down thousands of gas stations across the country, sell off those properties, and deliver supplies to a few generating plants instead of thousands of gas stations. Lots of cost savings for them.

That was tongue-in-cheek, BTW. I’m not sure if you were whooshed or I am.

Don’t you mean coal and natural gas?

Yep, the patent’s just a way to mark a claim in case there’s any money to be made from what you came up with, not a way of vetting that it is actually as useful as you say.

Is this similar to the dissolved silver drink (sorry, can’t think of the name for it atm) that’s supposed to cure (or prevent) nearly every ailment known to man, including the common cold? Just curious.


What do conspiracy theorists think would be gained by not releasing a cure? It must be something that is better than making billions of dollars. I can’t imagine what that is.

No. Coal is the biggest single source for electricity, but the next two are oil & natural gas (47% of generated electricity0. And I lumped them together because they pretty much both come from oil wells.

“Colloidal silver”. Notorious for turning its users blue.

And, yes, no doubt they’re both equally ineffective.

It’s much more profitable to produce drugs that must be taken for the rest of your life than to produce either a cure or vaccine that has to be taken once. I recall years ago some pharma executive actually coming out and publicly saying they had no intention of looking for either for that reason. I don’t think they’ve found any cure - we don’t have a cure for any viral disease last I heard. But if they found one I’d expect them to either chuck it & erase the records, or patent it then refuse to let anyone use it until the patent ran out. A government run program is far more likely to find and release a cure or vaccine than any corporation is.

Who is this"they" to which you refer?


I’m guessing pharmaceutical corporations.


I doubt anyone was stupid enough to admit that publicly.

Snopes on similar accusations on cancer cures.