Was anyone other than O.J. seriously considered a suspect in the Nicole and Ron murders?

Tomorrow is the 20th anniversary of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman’s deaths.

Not that I think O.J. didn’t do it. But did his defense team ever put forth any alternative theories about who might have killed them or why? Were any other suspects seriously considered, even early on?

I do not recall any officially named suspects, but there were a couple of theories brought up, like drug dealers who wanted their money and killed the two because of lack of payment. Or something like that.

One theory was OJs son did it, but I have no idea how serious that was.

I remember at least one book was written claiming to prove this theory. Not only did I not read it but I’m not even motivated enough to Google the title.

O.J.'s son wasn’t considered a suspect at the time of the murders. The book, “O.J. Is Innocent and I Can Prove It,” was published in 2012.

Here is a serial killer who supposedly did it:

I personally entertained two mutually exclusive theories of whodunnit:

(1) Fuhrman, or someone acting in conspiracy with him.

(2) OJ, for whatever reason, just mentally snapped, and did it, and didn’t know that he had done it. I imagined that this, possibly, could have explained some of his bizarre behaviors in the days just after the murder.

ETA: There were hints dropped at the trial that somebody else, other than OJ might have been involved (like, for example, the mention that there might have been two different shoe prints in the blood at the scene), but nothing ever came of that, and obviously nobody took it seriously enough to follow up on those suggestions.

what we’ll never know, unless OJ comes clean, is the timeline of death:

1-was OJ merely arguing with Nicole when Ron Goldman showed up, and then OJ killed both

2-was OJ in the act of killing Nicole when Ron showed up, he interfered, OJ killed both

3-was Nicole already dead, Ron showed up, OJ had to silence him and killed him

which scenario do you think happened? I personally think Ron showed up after the Nicole murder, saw OJ standing over her body with a knife, started to run away, OJ ran after him, killed him, dumped his body near hers and vamoosed to Chicago…who the hell sees a guy stabbing a woman and runs toward the stabbing, unarmed, to stop it? how would you stop it? that’s why scenarios one and two are implausible

Didn’t the if I did it book clear that up?

O.J. claimed his account of the murders was hypothetical. He did not come out and call it a confession. He did not claim his book was the absolute truth. It may indeed be part fact and part fiction, but the jury is still out [heh] on that one.

Right, but I’m responding to Suicide’s question. In OJ’s entirely hypothetical account, does he say the sequence of events?

Iirc, the alternate theory provided by the defense was that Nicole and Goldman were fighting, ninja-style, in the yard and gave each other critical knife wounds with identical knives (or was it they were taking turns stabbing each other with the same knife) and that OJ came when they were both already dead and tried to administer CPR or something which is how the blood got on his gloves.

O.J. said he had an unwilling accomplice named Charlie.

Umm…is this a pun on Charlie’s OJ? :slight_smile:

It’s a high quality orange juice.

I thought the defense named him.
Mr. Real Killer

Did they ever figure out what golf course Mr. Real Killer hung out at?

Gory Pines?

I have always had a couple of problems with OJ actually committing the wet work. Killing two people with a knife is an incredibly bloody event as you can see in just looking at the crime scene photos. I have a hard time believing that OJ was able to successfully carry off two knifings without being bathed in blood. The minute traces of blood found in the Bronco are simply insufficient.

Even if you hold that he disposed of the blood soaked clothing, wherever he cleaned off should have had some traces of the blood remaining.

Additionally, you have quite a tight timeline.

I have no doubt that OJ was behind the killings, but I just am not so sure that he actually performed the work.

Now if he had cut himself or something that might have tilted the balance for you . . .

Then why exactly did he bleed all over the crime scene?