Was Convfefe a deliberate distraction?

Yesterday, Trump did two things. There was the stupid “convefefe” tweet that got a lot of press coverage. He also decided to withdraw from the Paris Agreement. The tweet got far more media coverage, almost burying the story about the Paris Agreement.
Did he do this intentionally?

How would anyone on this board know? Donald, are you there? I don’t think anyone knows what the ‘covfefe’ tweet was about. I don’t think Trump did it intentionally since it makes him look stupid (at best). BTW I don’t think he made the Paris Accord decision on the same day if my memory serves me.

Whenever I have to decide whether Trump is doing something incredibly clever or just idiotic, I go with idiotic, and that’s almost always the case.

That’s what I thought (and that it was inconsequential and didn’t deserve the discussion it got), then Spicer goes and says it was intentional and few people out there know what it means. Which just sounds worse than an accident to me.

I find it much more plausible that it was a mistake.

Everything I’ve read indicated that what he decided yesterday was to announce his decision on this today (01 June).

Everything Trump does is designed to get him publicity.

Trump and his administration have adopted a policy of never, ever admitting that they made a mistake or did anything unintentional, even when they’ve clearly screwed up.

As opposed to Hillary’s fine record of taking immediate personal responsibility for her endless cock-ups.

Infamy ! Infamy ! They’ve all got it infamy !

Where in the world are you getting your news?

Really? He deliberately launched a typo that somehow he magically knew would turn into a massive internet circle-jerk?

If he had that level of prescience, he’d have a vastly better grasp on his image than he does now.

So yeah - No.

This is Donald Trump we’re talking about. He may have withdrawn from the Paris Accord in an attempt to distract public attention from his spelling mistake.

It was clearly a mistake. It’s not just the word, but the fact that it’s part of a clause and not a complete sentence. Most likely, there was some sort of glitch that cut off the tweet as it was sent.

The problem is that Trump can’t admit mistakes, even ones that probably aren’t his fault. It’s part and parcel of his massive insecurity.

As for a plan, Hanlon’s razor applies: Never attribute to malice what is adequately explained by stupidity.

Now THAT, I believe.
Or at least, it’s within the range of ‘plausible,’ however unlikely.

I did not have sex with that convfefe.

No, he wasn’t playing 11-D Tetris with this move.

Doesn’t everyone get their news from Facebook memes these days? I have to assume the OP has a much different idea of what press and media coverage are.

Not a chance in Hell. And there was plenty of media coverage leading up to his Paris agreement decision.

Now this, I can believe. Not only is that the kind of petty vanity I can imagine from Trump, I can’t believe anyone would think he considered pulling out of the Paris agreement something that needed to be distracted from. That’s the sort of shit he’s been proud of.

Convfefe is the sound you make when you abruptly withdraw without climating.

In the past I’ve given that fucking moron too much credit for some of his “strategies”. In truth, it’s clear to me now he has a brain the size of a peanut and doesn’t have a fucking clue about any damn thing at all.

“Covfefe” was an interrupted tweet. He either fell asleep or dropped the phone in the toilet or somebody snatched it out of his hands to stop him from saying something moronic. It most certainly was not deliberate.

So much mocking Trump’s stupid spelling of made-up words – and only two posters above could spell “covfefe” right. :smack: