Was Dr. Gene Scott a well regarded biblical scholar?

Re Dr. Gene Scott, I saw a show last night where he was addressing a large congregation in a professorial way, and going into all sorts of arcane historical-linguistic issues regarding the varying ways biblical language could be interpreted, and why the King James bible was not all that great or even all that accurate. He was moving easily between several ancient languages in what appeared to be an interpretive tour de force.

I had never previously seen this side of him in his rambling stream of consciousness, somewhat buffoonish monologues on TV some years ago.

Was he considered an important biblical scholar?

I don’t know how scholarly he was. But I do know that my girlfriend and I used to fall around laughing at how he used to wear two pairs of glasses at the same time.

Gene was a strange bird.

OMG I remember him! I used to see him on late-night TV and marvelled that anyone would actually listen to his endless, incoherent babble. I figured he must come from wealth and was paying for his own TV coverage.

Please tell me nobody actually took this loon job seriously.

Here’s how I remember him.

I used to wonder if he ever slept. When we had one of those old fashioned big satellite dish back in the 80’s, he was always on. Always.

If you have a radio capable of picking up shortwave frequencies, you’ve heard Dr. Gene Scott, it would be difficult not to in fact. In addition to his oratorial skills, he must have been somewhat of broadcast engineer too. Several broadcasts seemingly 24/7 on different bands, blasting anything else completely. Did he in fact, sleep??

I remember his old show, too!

I used to watch him some when I got home from a bartending job. He showed rambling videos of his race horses and sang a song called “Kill a Piss Ant for Jesus”. I actually called the show to ask if a piss ant wasn’t one of god’s creatures, too, and should we be killing them? I swear he said on-air that a piss ant was any ‘nitty gritty thing that bothered you’.

I called his show a couple of times (for fun) until I got flowers delivered one day. The card read" Thinking of you. Dr. Scott".

Turns out it was my then-boyfriend playing a little trick on me! LOL

His stuff has been aired 24/7 for so long. Where did the money come from to get it started and how long can it continue?

Is this some bizzaro notion of immortality?