Was Eugene Terre'Blanche really guilty of assault and attempted murder?

Serious question. Obviously, the guy was a white supremacist scumbag, and him doing something like that is not impossible. But given that South African police has a reputation for being quite inept and corrupt, and with an apparent absence of forensic evidence, I have doubts.

Can anyone from South Africa shed some more light on this? There aren’t many sources in English (many sources about Blanche and his murder, of course, but not many about those assault and attempted murder cases).

For the attempted murder of Paul Motshabi, the witness claimed that Blanche had hit Motshabi with his car, then proceeded to beat him. Blanche claims that he found Motshabi, already injured, and took him to the hospital. Did they ever check Blanche’s car for damage, blood etc.? The witness also claimed that Blanche beat Motshiba repeatedly, but the medical report only cites one head wound. Is that a proof of lying, or could it be that the witness was simply mistaken, or other blows weren’t hard enough to do a serious damage, or the injuries from other blows were misinterpreted as the injuries from a car crash? Or just a mistake/misprint in a medical report?

As for the assault on John Ndzima, what about two teenagers accused of robbing a pharmacy? Were they ever convicted? Did they have any connection to Blanche, or was he just involved because they were two white teenagers?

I was in the country only briefly before he met his demise, but he is infamous as a complete asshole here; I see no redeeming qualities in the man. So, in my inexpert opinion, yes, he was really guilty.

The fact that it got to trial belies that assumption, though the police are, in my opinion both inept and corrupt.

Someone like Terre’Blanche would have leveraged that for all he was worth, and still he went to trial. Fortunately the justice system appears to be made from mostly honest actors.

Plus Terre’Blanche couldn’t even ride a horse without falling off!

Yes, I have zero doubt he was guilty. It was completely normal behaviour for people like him.

I can’t speak to the case itself with any certainty but I well recall watching Louis Theroux’s documentary on the Boer Seperatist movement where he spent some time with him. I confess I was suprised quite how openly hostile he was. He seemed to me to be a dangerous, borderline pyschopathic racist arsehole. Louis seemed genuinely disturbed by him, as was I, even from the safety of a TV screen.

Everyone needs due process of course (and this should never be enough to convict a person )but he struck me as the sort of person who easily has the capability of assault and attempted murder within him.

I mean, other than the fact that it is generally hard to be absolutely sure about anything, what concrete reason is there to doubt his guilt in this case?

I also puzzled about the motivation for the OP. He was irredeemable, and he’s gone. It seems like asking whether Capone was framed for tax evasion.

I think high-profile crimes and criminals often attract questions that man-in-the-street versions don’t.
No real reason to think that his guilt is anything other than valid in this case.

OK, let me get this straight. This guy’s aspiration was to set up an independent Boer republic, with Johannesburg, a place that he himself derides as having too many black people, as an enclave right in the MIDDLE of it? In a country with 490,700 square miles (I had to look it up), that does not sound like “separatism.” I was also surprised to hear him claim that the Boers included descendants of the British and Irish. Does this man even understand the ethnic group he is supposedly fighting for?

My sole knowledge of Boers comes from a Boer-themed barbecue I once attended that was thrown by a friend of mine for some visiting friends of his from South Africa, in which traditional Boer foods were prepared (which were extremely delicious). There were white, black, and Indian guests together there and I saw zero sense of racial tension. This was obviously not a representative example of the politics of South Africa and I have no idea what it’s actually like with these people in that country.

You’ve hit on a key problem (one of many) with Afrikaner/Boer separatism: there is no substantial area of South Africa in which white Afrikaners are the majority. It is not possible to draw any boundaries for a coherent “Volkstaat” that would not require substantial population transfer. The various Volkstaat proponents all had wildly different ideas, none of them sensible.

I haven’t watched the video so I’m not sure exactly what the context is of that, but he may not be wrong there. Since the time of the British takeover of the Cape in 1795 there has been plenty of mixing between Afrikaners and people of British descent. Many Afrikaner families will have some Scots, Irish or English in their ancestry. I am from a Cape Town English family, and the likes of Terre’Blanche would never consider me a Boer - yet my four-times-great-grandmother was a Boer woman who went on the Great Trek.

Well I don’t think racists and ethno-nationalists have too much in the way of rational thought in such matters. It is a twisted logic that supports their beliefs. Best not to look for nor expect any reasonable conclusions from that thought process.

This is true, but not very much. They also included some Black and Brown progenitors as well.
Recent paper on this:

A caution not to make the mistake of thinking Apartheid or White South African racism was largely or overwhelmingly an Afrikaner thing. The primary politicians involved in it were largely Afrikaners, but at the operative level it was actively sustained and participated in by many English and other White South Africans as well.

Maybe in Eugene Terre’Blanche’s own family tree. I’m googling the guy and to be honest in some pictures he looks like he could, himself, have a small amount of non-white ancestry. Maybe I’m reaching here - you would probably have a better read on the looks than me, but it would be a bitter irony, wouldn’t it?

It wouldn’t be the first time. Apparently it’s “statistical noise”.

I always found the discussion around DNA testing results to be fraught with misconceptions and (imho) unwarranted shock at genetic relations.

“Yes [insert person here], you are related to [insert historic/contemporary person/group here]”

Like I have news for you pal. You are also genetically related to an ear of corn too. How (on earth) can you be surprised that you are genetically related to another human being? A human being! Frankly, we are ALL closely genetically related. Every last one of us. :slight_smile:

As someone from the area , would you recommend any specific docs or reading on this subject. I find history and biology endlessly fascinating (all aspects) and know very little outside 45 min docs like the style of those ww2 docs everyone loves. On the Boer issues. Would you recommend (other than wiki etc which I do) any specific books or docs on the issue that you believe really “cover” the matter? Thank you in advance for any and all suggestions (from anyone too , not just for MrDibble , just mostly for MrDibble).

Nope, no recommendations on this issue, sorry.

For general info on ET, there’s the Theroux bit already mentioned, as well as Broomfield’s documentaries

Not on the issue specifically but in general about the area that gives in depth. From the whole history to now type thing (if possible).

I’ll check out the references you listed thank you. Not really interested in that awful person directly. More what is that part of the world “really” like type thing. As aforementioned from history to now. I read about Ethiopia and Eritrea a lot and talk about it at work (we’ve got quite a few ppl from there here and they love that I know anything about their home heh). I really like ancient history the best but anything more than 30 years back is usually interesting to me. I know so little about africa in general outside the big ones like Egypt or Libya and then again usually its ancient history or more recent ww2 or just before. I’m just always hungry for more.